Der rückläufige Jupiter ist zurück & beschert dir neues Glück

Rückläufiger Jupiter bringt neues Glück

It was a summer of retrogrades! The last planet to go into retrograde this season is Jupiter – from September 4th to December 30th. In astrology, Jupiter is considered the planet of luck, even when it is retrograde. So if you are looking to expand your horizons, travel the globe, take bets, or take risks in certain situations, you should know that it is Jupiter that gives you the opportunity to do so. The planet is also known for its positive vibes and energetic spirit. The world is now at your feet, and whenever Jupiter is active, it is your chance to reach for the stars.

Jupiter takes a whole year to traverse each individual constellation. To complete the entire zodiac, it takes twelve years. Within a year, Jupiter is only retrograde once, for about four months. Because the planet of growth does not constantly move backwards, its annual retrograde is an important transit. Currently, Jupiter is in Taurus; so we can expect to see the elements of this zodiac sign intensified by Jupiter. Yes, this also applies during its retrograde – we just exercise a bit more caution now.

The retrograde of Jupiter encourages us to think carefully before making an important decision. Since May 16th, it has been quietly moving through Taurus and has been urging us to take things easy: we have been avoiding dramatic announcements, financial risks, and intense emotional outbursts lately. Instead of impulsively and aimlessly wandering through a foreign city, we plan our vacation there carefully. So far, so relaxed – the catch: our creativity is running high and we long more than ever for an intimate connection with others. It is therefore currently difficult for us to empathize with other perspectives, especially when they completely contradict ours. All of these feelings continue to accompany us during the retrograde, and even deepen.

Now that the retrograde Jupiter in Taurus calls on us to take our time before diving headfirst into our affairs, we take a more critical look at our financial investments, relationships, artistic endeavors, and self-love. We feel a strong desire for decadence, abundance, and self-care because we now realize that we have been giving others the right of way in our personal lives lately. Therefore, everything should be about tranquility and relaxation during this transit, because Taurus likes to work hard but also enjoys resting. However, this does not exclude any parties: we still get the chance to celebrate. It is all the more important not to neglect self-love and relaxation during this transit.

As with any other retrograde, we should try to read between the blurry lines here as well. Although it is difficult for us to respect the boundaries of others (and even maintain our own), it is important to consider that we should not simply ignore the wishes and needs of our loved ones. This also requires an understanding that we cannot always have our way. Remember: it is not bad to get used to new situations. Stay open, be less stubborn, and let yourself go – as difficult as it may be for you.

Caution is still advised: do not trust anyone until they have truly earned it; otherwise, you might overlook significant red flags. But instead of approaching every relationship with a rational mindset, let your gut feeling guide you. If something doesn’t feel right, it’s time to distance yourself from it – at least for now.

Important Dates During Jupiter Retrograde:

4th September: Jupiter goes retrograde in Taurus.

28th October: Mercury in Scorpio squares retrograde Jupiter, opening your eyes to new ideas or providing new insights into older situations.

3rd November: The Sun in Scorpio squares retrograde Jupiter, giving us self-confidence.

9th December: Venus in Scorpio aspects retrograde Jupiter, encouraging us to indulge in our bad habits and old relationships.

18th December: Retrograde Mercury in Capricorn aspects retrograde Jupiter, making us reflect on the past.

27th December: The Sun in Capricorn harmonizes with Jupiter’s retrograde, bringing us positive vibrations.

30th December: Jupiter goes direct again.

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