How to properly use your Gua Sha tool

Richtige Anwendung des Gua Sha Werkzeugs

TikTok has become the ultimate platform for makeup and skincare tips. If a mascara, lip liner, or moisturizer is sold out online, it’s probably due to some TikTok trend. And for years, the beauty bubble has been swearing by a specific tool: Gua Sha.

This is a flat jade or rose quartz stone that you gently glide over your skin to relax facial muscles, promote blood circulation, and improve lymphatic drainage. Although the Gua Sha stone has only been trendy with us for a few years, it has been a part of traditional Chinese medicine for ages. Originally, Gua Sha was supposed to help against viruses in the body and heat stroke; however, it was later discovered that the stone also has a cosmetic effect. Studies have shown that it promotes blood circulation and helps the skin to rid itself of dirt, sebum, and deposits in the pores that can lead to acne.

Because Gua Sha is so popular on TikTok, there are countless tutorials on how to use the stone – but it is not performed correctly everywhere. According to acupuncturist Lanshin, who has also posted Gua Sha tips and tutorials herself, proper preparation of the skin is crucial: moisturizing oils, for example, can help the tool glide more smoothly over the skin, and if you dip the stone in warm water beforehand, you support its blood circulation-promoting effect.

The correct angle also plays a role: the Gua Sha stone is designed to lie relatively flat on the skin while you gently glide it over your face. Make sure to always pull the stone upwards when treating your face with it. On the neck and chest, you can also pull it in the other direction – where it can help against headaches and promote lymphatic drainage – but on the face, always upwards and outwards! Also, remember not to apply too much pressure. Otherwise, you will strain your skin and could even leave bruises.


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Learning to use a new tool correctly is already half the fun. With a few tutorials and a little caution during application, you are already one step closer to radiant skin and better blood circulation, as promised by Gua Sha.

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